Happy Birthday, Lucy

I want to tell about the last twelve months, but I have no words. Or I have too many words, or the wrong words, or not enough time to think about how to choose the right words—I’m not sure.  But I can’t let the day go by without saying it’s Lucy’s birthday.

baby in incubator

I thought about just using a song’s worth of Kasey Chambers’s words. But I don’t want to be sued by a record company, so I will just tell you that her “Beautiful Mess” is kind of Lucy’s and my theme song. I hope that you will go listen to it on her website and then buy all her CDs.

baby in incubator

I prayed that the sun was the hope
And the rain was an angel
I came out of the treetop and into the cradle

squirmy baby in arms

I lay under the covers for a hundred days
I closed both my eyes till a relative came

baby with cannula

baby in bouncy seat

baby asleep in pack n play

baby with funny look

So send me to the grave with the age old question
How’d I get into this beautiful mess?

baby in bed

baby on bed with cat

baby asleep in carseat

baby in moby wrap

And it was never my intention, never my style
But everything about you is worth my while

close up of baby face

baby in bed with toys

baby sideways on couch

baby on lap smiling

‘Cause you make it all worth my while

baby peeking through hole


  1. Great Aunty Pat says:

    Love to you, Lucy, on this wonderful day !!!!

  2. Jill dinaldson says:

    Such a beautiful miracle’

  3. Kate Hopper says:

    Happy birthday (very late) to your sweet Lucy! I love those photos. She looks fabulous!

    And thank you for adding the hospitals to the list. I’m happy that they’ll both get a copy.


  4. carol says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Kate! And, of course, thank you for the books. So very generous.

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