Big Storm, Little Kitten

The convergence of several things recently led me to this post: (1) the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Gustav is today, (2) Hurricane Isaac, the “worst storm since Gustav” hit our old neighborhood a couple of days ago, (3) Facebook made me switch to the “timeline” view, prompting me to go through old posts and photos there, and (4) I wanted to jump back into blogging and was looking for an easy way to do it.

So I’m re-posting this Facebook album of Gustav photos and comments here for posterity. I’ve mentioned this before, but Gustav hit a week after we took in Percy, and our memories of the storm are mixed up with our interest in seeing his reaction to it and our relief that he was no longer on the streets in the weather himself.

kitten looking out window at storm

September 1, 2008: At about 3:40, the worst was over.

kitten looking out window at aftermath

kitten, window, wet driveway

kitten looking at man outside window

What is he doing out there?

backyard with branches all over

September 2: Our backyard.

branch and shingles in backyard

shingles on ground, bent clothesline

The neighbor’s roof seems to be all over our yard.

another view of beatup backyard

Our clothesline didn’t fare too well.

branches on ground

kitten climbing on bars of window

No electricity means the windows are open. Percy likes this.

kitten climbing on window bars

kitten investigating open window

woman, cat carrier, coffee on patio furniture

September 3: We move outside to the carport. Inside is too hot.

kitten in cat carrier on table

man looks out at cloudy sky

kitten biting at cat carrier

Tired of this.

view of kitten through window

The screen blew off, so he is trapped behind glass.

kitten looking up through window at photographer

man on roof of house

Our roof is fine! Not a single shingle missing.

beat-up trees in backyard

September 4: There’s a branch that just won’t fall on its own.

branch half-fallen from tree

Finally gravity, rope, and the husband win the battle.

kitten looks out window

September 5: Still no electricity, which is not a problem for Percy.

close-up of kitten looking out window

kitten face in case of bottled water

September 12: The power’s been on for three days, but now our emergency water seems to be contaminated.


  1. Percival says:

    Damn. I am one seriously handsome cat.

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